After thinking about blogging for over 2 years now, reading about it, and talking with my blogging friends about it, here I am! I feel like I am going to need a couple of posts just to start to explain and to disclaim. I am not a writer but hope to share what I’m learning along this journey and pass on useful tidbits. One of my strengths using Strengthsfinders is input…meaning I take in a lot of information and should seek ways to share it. Since I’m also introverted and formerly shy (I’ve just decided on that), a blog will help me feel like I’m fulfilling that niche. And I’m a huge fan of stories and personal accounts of what people like and how they decided to buy that couch or train for a marathon. I will never run a marathon–my best friend and I promised each other during tennis practice many moons ago. This is already turning into rambling nonsense, but I am going to try to stick to categories on this blog. I am an (over)analyzer who likes things to fit into a certain place. Rambling + analytical=categories and tags??

My first desire in the blogosphere was to have a medical blog about being a nurse practitioner and health topics. Nursing is definitely my passion and a huge part of who I am. My former job generated tons of great stories with the patients I served and brought joy to my heart. It’s just not where I am right now, so I’m going to blog mostly about the rest of life: baking, sewing, decorating, relationships, great finds, faith, traveling, and whatever else comes along. (There will be nursing posts, maybe some advice). I may spill my guts in one post and tell you about cereal on sale in the next. Honesty is something I try to live my life by so what you see/read is what you get.

I will try to keep it real, update often, and not post things I write after 10 PM…oops this is already not working.