Here we go: I am not a writer. The grammar corrector is going to repeatedly tell me that I am writing in the passive tense. I wish I was a good writer…this blog will serve as practice. So many of my good friends are terrific writers. I want to join the club but really I will probably regret most of my posts on this blog. At the time I post, I may think it’s a good idea or a true reflection of what I was trying to say, but the next day I’m going to see the flaws and think “that sounds cheesy, or just stupid.” Also there is so much vulnerability (for me) when you know other people READ something you wrote. It’s like “here you go, judge me.” Yeah, I want to be smart and funny and thought-provoking…all of it on one blog. My high expectations daunt me sometimes all the time. One thing I want to stick to is not writing about people or situations that I wouldn’t talk about or have those mentioned read. Someone tell me quickly if I forget. If I ever post something past 10 p.m. please take it with a whole of salt and grace. If you know me, you know how I get after ten. Lastly, I really want to be The Pioneer Woman. Her blog is amazing and even though I don’t want to live on a ranch, she has a cool life and a great love story (and good recipes). Did you see the Kitchenaid mixer she designed? It was gorg. I met her last fall during her cookbook tour. It was pre-brunette phase for me.

maybe the only person I would wait 2 hours for to sign a cookbook

If the Pioneer Woman life doesn’t happen, I’ve always wanted to be Meg Ryan’s character on You’ve Got Mail. Some post drafts are in the works so I hope to get into this blog soon. If someone knows WordPress well and wants to give me a few pointers on making this cuter, let me know. I really do judge things by their covers.