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Tulip, 2005 Floriade, Canberra

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Ten things that happened on this Tuesday.

1. The Jello fix I tried to make with my mushed, blanched strawberries…not a fix at all. I tasted the unset mess today, and it was disgusting. Down the drain it went. The water to gelatin ratio is important.

2. There are 5 tulips B.L.O.O.M.I.N.G in my front yard. All happened today…thank you gargantuan rainstorms yesterday. I planted lots of bulbs this past fall, hoping for the best because most gardening endeavors don’t work. I feel like it’s a big gift that they actually popped up months later. Tulips are my favorite.

3. There is something in the water. I repeat, THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE WATER!! I was waiting on baby #10 to be announced and today was the day! I know 10 babies who have just arrived in the past weekend or are due from here to November. Watching my friends become mommas is something spectacular. I love babies.

4. I found out I have a cavity today. I got another flossing lecture. My improvement from every week or so to several times a week is not enough. What do you do to get your flossing in (if you do it on a regular basis)? My dentist recommends floss picks in the car on the morning drive. I have them in my car, but I don’t like them.

5. My college roommate, cellist extraordinaire, made goat cheese! This morning, I agreed with the beginning of her post–I don’t know who she is anymore. When we lived together, it was black beans and corn heated up for dinner. We did not craft together. Now she makes meals from scratch and gardens. Molly is a musicologist and now a mighty fine housewife who posts about her life on her blog hook yarn sinker.

6. With a new HDTV and a plain antenna in my bedroom, I now get a lot of channels (like 30) without the cost of an extra satellite receiver. I’m about to ditch my dish altogether. Thanks bro for talking somehow manipulating me into buying that from you this weekend.

7. My best friend from childhood left a voicemail that said: “I was just watching The Biggest Loser and thought of you. Not that you need to lose weight…” It’s okay, I get her.

8. If you lock a cat in a room, you may have poop to clean up. Thanks Emme. 

9. I was originally going to do a Top 10 list for today’s post, but I changed my mind after the baby news. I think a Tuesday’s Ten could be a good weekly post though…it just feels very committal.

10. Listening to other women’s hearts and struggles draws me closer to God. That happened tonight.