Warning: rambling ahead…

So maybe blogging isn’t my gift. I feel so behind and I haven’t even had this site that long. But when I think about life these days, I am trying to live it well, not just to write it down or to have a Facebook picture. I will choose to have the moments over recording the moments. Busyness is a way of life for me. It has its benefits for me personally, but I was convicted about it last year when I was doing an exercise recommended in Covey’s The 7 Habits for Highly Effective People about thinking of what people will say about you at your funeral. To live effectively, you need direction and not just haphazard doing. The goal is to think about what you want people to say when you are gone and to build your life in such a way as that can be true. My epiphany was that I don’t want to people to know me as “busy” when I die. What a useless way to live life.

I don’t know why I went into all of that only to fill you in on where I’ve been for the past month. This morning, as has become my normal weekend routine, I woke up at the grand hour of 5:45 a.m. It has been a struggle to get up by 6:20 to go to work this week, but when the weekend comes, no matter whether I stay up til midnight, before 6 has become the hour of awakening. I got up a little after 6 (because after 20 or so minutes, there is no hope of falling back asleep) and came to the couch to start in watching the last 16 Oprah shows.

Can I say a little about Oprah for a minute? (This should have probably been a dedicated post.) People have strong feelings about Oprah, good and bad. I understand (and probably agree to an extent) people’s views. Oprah is a part of my life. Really, I have learned so much, felt so much, and have yearned to be a better person because of her influence through her show. I believe it was 6th grade when I started the daily viewing habit and watched 90% of her shows until age 24 when I moved to a small town and had to buy a satellite dish because what else do you do in a small town by yourself. I didn’t know how to use a VCR with a satellite so I went without until a few years ago, when I settled on watching the interesting sounding shows. The end to her daily place in my life is sad. I never made it to her show. My best friend, Joy, and I have talked about going to Oprah since high school. I did see her studio once in West Chicago but never made it to the audience. For the smiles, laughs, tears, and “lightbulb moments,” thank you Oprah Winfrey.

I haven’t been blogging because May is a busy month. May, October, and December always are packed full. I have lots to write about, but who knows if it will actually get done.

  • I had a Singer Sewing Party, with House Party. It was a good idea but ended up being a bad weekend=the table and supplies have still not been put away.
  • I went home for Mother’s Day.
  • I was gone for 12 days to Peru! The trip was such a last-minute thing that I had not planned on, that there was a lot of things to get ready.
  • I entered my busy schedule upon return. And piles of mail and laundry.
  • I went to a date auction (fundraiser) and bought a date.
  • I started a new Bible study with some girls.

Since it’s a 3-day weekend, I have hopes of getting a lot done around the house, plus doing the things I’ve always wanted to do, like picking strawberries. Other things I’m considering: waterproofing my deck by myself, signing up for a sprint triathlon a month away, actually planting something this spring (herbs, clematis?), redoing artwork on the walls in either the living room or my bedroom, finding some burlap and making my life complete. But all of these things require more internet searching…and thus is the blessing/curse I face on doing anything.