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The Loveless Cafe sign

Go for the peach preserves and bacon

I would love to report that I made a full menu of deliciousness for Independence Day. Instead I will show you pictures of blueberry cobbler, which I made last week. It was the first time I remember making a cobbler…pretty easy peasy. I had a great Fourth with my mom, dad, and brother in town for a day and a half. My parents finally got to taste the goodness of Loveless CafeĀ  (which is a must if you’re in Nashville) with me, then my brother and dad worked on installing my tv to the wall…the fact that I bought a new TV AND a wall mount was totally under my brother’s convincing influence one day.

My mom made potato salad, cooked green beans (canned at home), and cherry delight. And I made….Rice Krispie Treats!! Yes, total cop out. I totally slacked, but my best friend Joy came to visit with her husband and girls. So my time was much better spent playing with play dough and playing a “game” with foam animals. And it’s not that our family reunion lacked in terms of food.

Blueberry cobbler would have been a great festive choice for the Fourth. I used the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook recipe. It’s my go-to cookbook for classic, good recipes.

I love blueberries but wish when I baked with them, they were sweeter.

P.S. I’ve attempted to grow blueberries in my front yard for a few years. I’ve picked maybe 8 off in 3 years. After year one I heard that you needed two bushes to cross-pollinate, so I have added another one…twice. My second bushes don’t make it, though the first one still looks okay. Again my gardening skills are still in the novice stage.