Awhile back I had a “Ten on Tuesday” idea but felt a little trapped in committing to it on a weekly basis. But here I am. Commitment. Because really, I like lists, and if I had a favorite number (and I don’t) it would be 10.

I got this week’s title from a blog entry on Thefusionist.com where the writer encouraged people to actually stop and do this exercise for yourself to find out what is giving meaning to your days. It’s time to celebrate the good stuff. If you know me, I’m all about celebrating.

My list:

1. So many ideas on what to do that I am never bored.

2. Sleeping in my bed at my parents’ house.

3. My patients, who share their lives with me–good, bad, and ugly.

4. Opportunities to travel.

5. Fair/carnival food.

6. My best friend named her first daughter after me, Jayden Bethany. Best gift ever.

7. Music–songs that (seem) were written for you and your life.

8. Hearing the Holy Spirit speak to or for you when a friend is praying.

9. Being reminded of who I am and what I’m worth by people who know me well.

10. Surprises.

I love this exercise because it is personal which extends to specific events or circumstances but can have very simple expressions of what makes life great. Please share yours below in the comments (5 minutes, I promise) or put up a blog post and share the link with me.