Decisions and Waiting

I’m waiting for a decision, trying to be patient while biding the time. I can’t make it go faster. I have no more say in the process. Now I just wait. As much as I keep planning for the “what ifs,” this doesn’t make life better or easier. I can’t jump into the future because I don’t know what it holds.

If there’s one thing I may know something about it in life, it’s waiting. I may write more about it, but this is what the Lord is reminding me to do:

Be faithful in the small things.

My attitude, my words, seeking out His will for THIS day, being responsible with what He’s given me–my body, my job, my home, my money, my time, my talents, my heart. Be faithful. Be faithful with these gifts. Honestly, it’s hard. Sometimes it feels more like enduring than anything, but that’s part of it. If you are in this place, know it’s not forever, but it is right now. Know you are gaining more than your eyes can see. There is a light, a plan, and strength for the journey.

I so often think the “big” things in life are going to make the difference in life. Instant happiness/relief/satisfaction if so-and-so happens (because I obviously know have the very best plans for my life). But really, it’s what I do day to day that matters. I’m only asked to be faithful to what I’ve been given. Not more than that. Not more than what this day holds. It’s what I’m trying to learn and do.