(Let’s just pretend I haven’t not blogged in months and pick up here. It will be easier than trying to explain what’s happening in my life and what I’m thinking and learning, which should actually be blogged about but whoa. Really I haven’t had made time and am trying to stop the swinging pendulum of my life to some sort of balance. And I’m baking brownies from a box and cooking stuff that isn’t worth sharing these days).

Finding this video made me come out of hiding. If you are single (or not), this spoken word piece will give you goosebumps, raise your eyebrows, and make you say Amen. I saw this on the Good Woman Project which I love because it’s full of honesty but very real. This month’s posts on Singleness encourage my heart and spell out so many thoughts of mine on the subject. But for real:

Another blog I am loving because it’s so Down-South hilarious is BooMama. She writes about Cheez-Its, good music, and college football among other topics. I loved “Long-Time Listener, First-Time Caller” at the start of football season about the “hypotheticals” of call-in shows. If you ever listen to these on Saturdays, scroll to the conversation under the video. Speaking of college football, Tennessee is  going to do some swamp cleaning tomorrow. GO VOLS!

Friends, I’m focusing on COMPLETING projects, books (I have not finished a single one of the 7 books I’m reading this summer!), and cleaning out rooms. And maybe some thoughts so I’ll have something to share soon. We can hope.