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Ah, October. It just happens to be my favorite month of the year. It’s cool, it’s beautiful, and yes, I get to celebrate a birthday! I literally felt like a page turned when October 1st rolled around this year. It was a breath of fresh air. I’ve needed to take a step (or two) back and think about how I am spending my time. The short version is busyness=struggle of my life. So I’m stepping back from a few things and am thoroughly ready to enjoy this month.

October started off with a bang by going to the National Banana Pudding Festival in Centerville, Tennessee. My friend Daniel grew up there and took a bunch of friends to eat lunch at his grandparents’ house then to the festival. It was my first time in Centerville, which is only surprising because I was very close to working in Hickman County a few years ago. So I finally made it to the big city of Centerville, after a leisurely drive down Highway 100 where I noticed Fairview has a Publix! Call the tv stations, it’s a big deal.

Who else would we find, but Minnie Pearl?

After lunch we headed to the ag center and straight for banana pudding paradise. There were several different things going on including a cook-off earlier in the day where people could submit their versions of banana pudding for judging. As a charity event, 8 local nonprofits made tons of banana pudding and for $3 you received 2 ounces of each from the booths.

Makers and types of banana pudding

one pound of banana pudding

The after picture.

We each had our favorites; for the record berries do not belong in banana pudding, and really neither does chocolate (gasp). There was a craft area, kids’ area, and stages with musical (and just plain weird) performances…aka the baby costumed guy doing weird things to Asian music. Scary.

After we left there, our car went to the town car show. And I tried to appreciate the cars’ colors, but let’s be honest, I know nothing and could care less about cars. Then we sent to Sonic for drinks and headed home.

I love this cool to warm weather, where it’s too early to turn the heat on so you add another blanket and wear sweatshirts at night, but it’s still sunny during the day. Yeah, October, I’m glad you’re here.