So many birthdays in October! My celebrating keeps going with several friends including Baja Burrito with Sarah O. It’s just always the right decision: fish tacos, pineapple salsa, Diet Coke with lime…favorites. I’m thankful for my friends new and old.

My friend Allison and I celebrated our Rocktober birthdays together last Saturday with some mutual friends at the Loveless Cafe…because we love us some breakfast!It did not disappoint. And let me mention, the guy outside singing and playing guitar did “Be Bop” by Dan Seals, which when I heard I put my hands out and said “STOP!” It was my all-time favorite song of childhood. I wore that cassette tape out! Really. And it took me years to figure out the song and who had recorded it, but I do have the CD now, so all is right in the world.

cutout family


biscuits and preserves.


Pork BBQ Omelet: delicious.












Then on Sunday, I headed out to a double birthday party for my aunt Denise (50) and her granddaughter (my cousin’s daughter) Kynlei (1). Soups, cake, s’mores, pumpkin painting, family, and gifts. It was good to see so much of my family.

Kynlei with her little cake

there she goes!

almost had a picture of the kids

Jackson and Colby, standing while painting

lots of family and friends

It was a beautiful fall day! October has been super lovely weather-wise here in Tennessee. I think it’s the longest I’ve gone without heat or air in the house…and that my friends, is something old people would say.