[Sidenote: I have tried to blog and give a full-out update on what I’ve done on the weekends, because it’s really been fun…BUT WordPress and I have had many issues and pictures and words were a jumbled mess. So I’m moving on…because when am I really going to have time to figure out professional blogging? I’m going with simple does it right now.]

Although I haven’t counted the times I’ve done this today or any other day, I am pretty sure I’ve sneezed more today than any other day in my 29 years. I mean it sounds like I have allergies, but I don’t! But if someone came to see me with my symptoms, I would probably tell them to take Claritin over the counter. I’m pretty sure this is a mild cold (or upper respiratory virus as I like to tell people to make them feel like they actually have something wrong), and I’m so thankful I don’t feel bad. And now that my nose has started running too, I can actually make use of the 4 boxes of Kleenex I bought a few months ago on sale and with coupons at Harris Teeter. I should be set for a few years with those, though you should know I’m a strong believer in liberally placed boxes of tissue around the house. Because you never know when you or someone else is going to cry; sometimes it just hits ya. Just the other day, I was chopping onions in the kitchen, and blast it, the tears!! I actually did not have a box of Kleenex in my powder room off the kitchen, so I had to get to the stash beside my bed to properly dab my stinging, watery eyes. (Does anyone actually know a way to prevent the onion tears? I think I should just wear sunglasses.)

So here’s to sick season upon us as the Christmas decorations still sit in my floor til the time I feel energized enough to finish the house. Which I must do, because in my I-want-to-get-things-done-early-so-I-can-enjoy-December-this-year attitude, I somehow believed I would get my gifts bought and cards done oh say, by today. It was an honorable goal, I will say, and has motivated me in lots of ways. So because of my high self-expectations and wishes to enjoy the season I’m planning on getting in a Christmas parade, the Nutcracker, a Christmas ball, college friends’ Dirty Santa party, and hosting 2 parties at my house! Yes two! Because somehow one wasn’t going to fulfill all my Christmas needs. One of which is closing in on the 100 mark for people I’ve invited. So yes, I’ve lost my mind, and I have a cold. I’m going to watch this CMA Country Christmas special and then go to bed. Goodnight.