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Every year December tests me in all kinds of ways with its busyness and stress. There is so much to do with the gifts, cards, decorating, and socializing. Oh the socializing! At this point, I’m really wondering why I thought having 2 parties at my house was a good idea. Oh because, I had grand plans of not stressing out this year and buying my gifts early so I could have more time to have festive fun. In 8 days time, I will have gone going to 6 Christmas-y events. (I remembered last night on a walk that I’m an introvert. I need time at home!)

This past Sunday, I had a Christmas Open House (if I get around to blogging about it, I’ll tell you all about the food) which stressed me out to a level I haven’t remembered being at since I was taking exams in college. I KNEW I was trying to do too much, but it took a friend to remind me that the point of the party was fellowship. I did a lot of self-talk the night before to focus on keeping it simple (i.e. not worry about having a kids’ activity and hanging pictures on the wall and getting all my presents wrapped plus cooking and cleaning).  As I was roaming the aisles of Wal-Mart (after already going to Sam’s, Harris Teeter, and Big Lots that day) at 9 p.m. Saturday night I reminded myself how I was missing the point of Christmas. I knew it, but I still got caught up in the entertaining.

The sermon on Sunday helped reel me back in and think about Christmas. The story of the birth of Jesus is easy to push aside in favor of gifts, cookies, and trees (guilty). But what does Jesus coming to earth mean to me? On Monday I realized how wonderful His story is because it is so magical/mysterious and yet so plain and simple. God is there in every part of life. He came to bring something unbelievable to life so HE CAME. Emmanuel, God with us. A virgin became pregnant after an angel told her she would have God’s Son. I mean, it’s crazy and weird but such a great story. He came to us. When everything seems to fall apart and there seems too much to bear, God in heaven reminds us that He came to rescue us. He offers this story to us so we can too can have a life beyond our imaginations.

Jesus’ birth is also covered in humbleness. A manger in a stable, shepherds, a town called Bethlehem. Nothing special. Mundane. But it’s a part of His story, and so He understands the boring parts of our lives. He came for those parts too. To be in all and before all (Col. 1:17).

I’m a girl who still dreams in fairy tales, and I need that hope that all these ordinary, plain moments of life can transform into a lovely story. So I’m choosing to delight that Jesus came as a precious baby to bring a touch of His glory to this busy, wandering girl in Nashville. Magical and simple. That’s the good news I needed to hear.