Thanks for joining in me in the blogging world. It’s been fun thinking through things on the blog although I’ve only posted about a quarter of what I think about (and do). I hope you and whoever you are spending time with have taken time to savor the moments and make memories.

I actually came made Christmas cards this year after foregoing the whole ordeal for the past two years. I had the designs and message in my head but didn’t set aside the time to actually get it all done. Granted, I could have made many more to send out because lots of people were left out, but I felt good about accomplishing something.

paper scraps

I have so much scrapbooking paper, I decided to use what I had and not buy anything new for the cards. (Actually one of my new year’s resolutions is to not buy any new crafting supplies unless I run out of it).

I had some scrap triangles, so after one failed card attempt where I concentrated on using stamps, I went with simple trees and a handwritten message.









I glued 3 triangles on top of each other…I was worried it would look off-balance because the second and third levels of the tree were the same size, with the top being a smaller triangle. But I thought it was fine once I tried it out. I mixed up different papers on each card.

I did them in steps. First gluing the triangles to make the tree on background paper (textured cardstock) that wasn’t handling stamps well.

sweet joys & new mercies

I added a little piece for the tree trunk, a gold sequin on top, then glued the cardstock to the front of a white card. Around the edges I stamped copper glitter ink and added a “Merry Christmas” stamp on the inside (which I didn’t photograph).

When I dream up Christmas cards (even when I don’t make them), I want the message to be something that has been pressed upon me or something I’ve repeatedly gone to through that year. This year, I have learned to appreciate more than ever before the sweet joys that God gives which make His love so real. I’ve also been convicted of how I need new mercies each day, and how I will continue to need them each day. It’s so easy to let pride or self-sufficiency get in the way of realizing my need for a Savior OR to live in self defeat because of the mistakes I’ve made. But MERCY He gives, and I hold onto. I hope by realizing my need for mercy that I in turn will realize how others need it too and be ready to offer it.

So my wish for you is Sweet Joys and New Mercies today and through the new year!

Because of a King-child born who came to bring these,