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So January came and went! I tell you what, I was not ready for 2012. I felt it came a little fast. I needed more time to think about resolutions and reflect and all that stuff that is nice to do with new beginnings. And it would be lovely stuff to blog about, but yeah, just a little too fast! Or maybe I needed just a little extra time to recover from holiday festivities. Or because I’ve been busy. Anyways, here we are, and I’ve missed a lot of blogging (not that I have ever been regular) but I just wanted to take a break from the non-existence on the interweb to say that this may have been the BEST JANUARY OF MY LIFE. Granted I don’t remember many Januarys categorically in the beginning half of my life, but still. January 2012 rocked recent January remembrances.

Why you ask?

Well it started off on a surprisingly good note with a killer 1920’s theme New Year’s Eve Party. Outfits, dancing, good friends, fun times! And I unexpectedly met a guy there who’s doing a good job of being really sweet to me.


The weather. No snow accumulation. Not too much rain or gray. January brought unusually mild temperatures which is lovely for peoples’ mood, especially this girl’s. I realized I’m quite a downlooker on snow as an adult. I just can’t enjoy it when I have to drive in it. So thankfully, that wasn’t an issue, and this 60-degree trend can carry me away.

My church started a great series on Revival as we study Ezra and Nehemiah. We’re praying for God to make us uncomfortable. I so need this right about…now.

Last weekend I spent time getting to bond with the Guatemala mission team I’m going with over Spring Break. They are beautiful and inspiring and make staying up past 2 a.m. worth it for this woman who loves a good night’s rest.

Other tidbits of news in my world: NEW FOODS!

Cheerios has a new flavor! Multi Grain PEANUT BUTTER. If you want to marry pb like I do, I think you’ll enjoy this a lot. I just closed the box top so I won’t eat the whole box as my after-dinner snack. Because cereal, it’s not such a good thing to eat out of the box if you need to have portion control.




If you desire portion control and a great tasting, protein-packed snack, I can gladly suggest Yoplait’s Greek Yogurt in Coconut. It’s been hard for me to get into the Greek yogurt craze, but this. is. so good. I mean if you like coconut, which I know everybody doesn’t, but I DO. Sweet love, I enjoy coconut.





Another food item that I tried in January but DO NOT recommend: cow tongue tacos. I can now order from the taco truck at the end of my street without anxiety (it took 2 years to brave it), but won’t be ordering cow tongue. (My date ordered this for me to try. And one bite was good.)


We can now move on with February…a month to focus on love. I am in love with love. I will admit it. I just do. Especially LOVE STORIES. All this from a girl who makes dating complicated and dwells in the single category. But I will always give you my ears to hear about how you met someone or what happened on any given day in a relationship with the person you cherish. So take that and the fact that Ann Voskamp pens nothing but pure beauty to find this most lovely post “What Is The Best Gift to Give to A Man?”

Did you like January 2012?