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…and the moon is out, gonna head on over to the Twist and Shout…(please someone get that). After I got reprimanded on Facebook (Sheena) when I was reprimanding someone else (Molly) for not blogging, I figured I better take some time and spit out something. Right now, life seems a little too busy for me to sit down and blog, but then again, I have that problem of always being busy. I toss around blog post ideas in my head, but I don’t settle on topics quickly. I think about serious thoughts, life updates, Nashville places and happenings, hobbies, and the home projects I want to do. So tonight let’s just talk about Friday night.

Friday nights are one of my favorite times as an introvert. I prefer coming home and staying in, and even going to bed early! Tonight, it’s been an exciting night of going to the YMCA, Harris Teeter, and the movie theatre. But I didn’t stay to watch a movie because my friend got the time wrong. I came home and had a delicious evening meal of Banana Bread oatmeal and a small bowl of Mayfield’s Moo-inaire’s Java ice cream instead. On the way home contemplating my dinner choices, I thought about the lettuce I could make a salad with and then about how good Lucky Charms would be! Do you know it’s my favorite cereal, but I probably haven’t bought it in 3 years? It’s kind of sad, but I grew up to only healthy-ish cereals. But ice cream is still totally acceptable and welcomed in my house. This particular carton won an award and got me quite excited, but it’s just okay. Cereal and ice cream, two of my favorite things.

Another one of my favorite things is grocery shopping. I confess I enjoy it too much, and go too often really since 1. I live by myself and 2. I don’t cook that often. But I love food and shopping, and spending money at the grocery store is a perfectly acceptable and expected practice. I’m big on sales, and I use coupons. This week happens to be one of the funnest shopping weeks of the year: Super Double Coupons at Harris Teeter! A lot of people blog about what they buy and how much they save, but seriously that would take FOR-ever. But my total was $45.79 and I saved $52.60 so it was a good trip. Anything over 50% savings is good in my book. I’m trying not to stock up on stuff I don’t really use or can’t use fast enough…I threw away 2 bottles of salad dressing that expired in 09 a few days ago (ugh).

My plans for the rest of this lovely evening are possibly laundry, watching A Gifted Man (I’m watching 2 TV series! this one and Downton Abbey–but I’m still on Season 1), and reading. (Later I want to blog about reading and books.) I may take this chipped nail polish off my fingers too.

What do you like to do on Friday night?

P.S. I bought Season 1 of Friday Night Lights, but I still haven’t started it. I’ve never watched a TV series except on TV, (except now I’m watching Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime Instant Video) and I kinda feel left out when people talk about TV shows. Enough people tweeted and talked about FNL and I generally love movies about sports, so someday I’m may check it out. It could totally fit into my Friday nights.