When I’m at work I think of lots of blog posts I would like to write. But I try to refrain from doing too much personal stuff on work time (which is difficult). And I don’t really like writing at night because I’m tired, which is the only free time I get. I keep thinking “before I write about ____, I need to write about Guatemala.” And sadly, this post isn’t going to be the Guatemala post. Just a shout out to say that I did get back two weeks ago (2 weeks ago?!) and enjoyed it thoroughly.

If you’ve ever been on a mission trip, maybe you’ll understand the processing process (hmm, that’s specific). Emotions and lessons can get complicated. Sometimes you don’t feel what you think you should. There’s also the risk of when I tell you the story, you won’t feel its significance like I did. I’m still rolling around what is best to share and asking myself and God what the experience taught me.

Now to life post Spring Break! I really made no major life plans past this trip, so I feel somewhat directionless. I’m working on making decisions, weighing options, and putting my feet out there. The plans I have in my head are more creative: sew a skirt, finish my living room curtains, take a cooking class, make a chalkboard something…and then some typical spring cleaning: organize my closet, clean out and organize the upstairs (again and for real this time), clean out the freezer, clean the windows (I don’t really want to do that one but should!).

This spring weather invigorates and brings refreshment. I’m reminded how thankful I am for seasons and that each has its blessings. Last weekend I found this verse on a calendar in Joy’s kitchen…she gave me the page and it’s on my desk at work.

“…in your presence there is fullness of joy.” Psalm 16:11. Yes. This I needed.

I’ll be back with a Guatemala overview soon I hope!