How are you friends? Thanks for reading my blog that I don’t often update. Well I’ve been good, bad, and currently satisfied with being brave. I recommend being brave (which in my case is saying things I normally would not). I’ve been off of work for 4 days!! Ah. So nice. I went to Chattanooga to help my parents have a yard sale as they pack to move next weekend! They are moving out of the only house I ever remember growing up in to a newer house about 10 minutes away.

I also spent time with Joy, Jayden, and Kerrington while Jason is in Peru on a mission trip. It delights my soul to be with them, but on Sunday I was also T-I-R-E-D. Kudos to parents for your energy.

Also, so many of my people graduated from college this weekend. I missed it (but I didn’t really miss it), but oh I am so proud of how smart they are and where they are headed. I’m just a little sad that they are flying away into the world, away from me.

And because, I’m terrible about posting, Guatemala in pictures:


Our incredibly beautiful hotel in Chichicastenango, Hotel Santo Tomas. Flowers and parrots and antiques galore.


1st clinic day at a church with my gangsta translator, Andres.

ImageI love cemeteries. I took a lot of pictures.

ImageThis personifies hipster college students…in the market, there was a pile of old prescription glasses for sale along with other randomness. These girls bought them for the frames. Hilarious.

ImageLooking out a window from a church building we set up clinic in one day…we were up and down mountains all week.ImageOn the last clinic day, a lady dressed up in their traditional clothing. The headpieces were tied into our hair.

ImageGetting my face painted by a child=a sign of a good day.

ImageMe and Julie, my friend who knows all that is Guatemala and has such a huge heart.

Grace to you.