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I am not a big video watcher. I don’t scout YouTube for clips to laugh at. But someone posted this on Facebook yesterday, and I will never be the same. Truly, I wish everyone would watch this video posted on the Desiring God website. This beautiful, evocative glance into the marriage of Ian and Larissa won’t leave me, ever. Last night when I got home I read some of Ian and Larissa’s blog.

Pray For Ian

Precious, authentic, Christ-followers who have chosen what is greater even when it is so hard. That is something God is pressing into me, choosing the greater thing, clinging to Him alone, even when it is hard. This morning, I saw on Twitter a new post by Larissa on the Desiring God website: Why We Got Married. I just shake my head with tears in my eyes. How often do I choose something that I know will be full of sorrow? We/I choose easy lives with pretty packaging but miss the depth of life and God’s love.

My view of marriage is forever changed. It’s easy for me as a single woman in her late twenties to get dreamy and view marriage as a solution to all of life’s woes (though I know it’s not meant to be and is hard work). But it’s even more than that. Their story speaks on so many levels. The sorrow they endure, the shattered dreams, the choice to give thanks above all, the choice to keep giving. Only Jesus can make something of it all. I love the tag line on their blog: now I know in part; then I shall know fully. This is enough to change every life and every situation, to keep holding and resting in the One who knows our sufferings more than even we know.

So be blessed by them and join me in prayer for Ian and Larissa.