The end of the year comes so fast! It’s fun to reflect back on what happened in a year, so here we go (until it’s time to get ready for the NYE party I’m headed to later). Here’s last year’s post about 2012. (Side note NYE prep: I didn’t buy an outfit so I’m going to have to put something together from my closet. I hope I don’t forget to paint my fingernails. I’m going for closed-toe shoes just so I don’t have to paint my toes.)

So here goes some happenings in 2013 and then a recap of the resolutions’ endings. The flipagrams people are making look cool, but I bought a Mac this year and haven’t yet transferred all my files, so I don’t have a lot to work with in photos.


  • Mac…don’t love. I wish I did. I feel like I am working at 80% of its functionality because there are still things I don’t know.
  • Killed another basil plant. Routine.
  • New DSLR camera. I bought a Canon 60D. I need to practice more and buy another lens, but I’m glad to have a good camera.
  • Living Room redo. I got hardwood floors put in, board and batten on one wall, new door casings, and new furniture. I still need some chairs and to hang things on the walls. I’m so slow at accomplishing things.
  • Traveled to 2 new big cities. I went to a college health conference in Boston in May and got to see some highlights. Then I went to New York City with Ashley and Allison G. in December. The northeast was great! I definitely want to visit again. I thought the cannolis were better in Boston.
  • Other travels: Natchez Trace to Jackson, MS; Charleston, SC; Panama City Beach, FL; Cincinnati, OH.
  • My brother got engaged! I will have a sister next year…quite exciting for our family.
  • I didn’t blog. Ha. WordPress sent an email today about my blogging year, and that was a little sad. I only wrote 6 posts before today.
  • Took on a new role at work. I ventured into the teaching realm this fall by being a clinical nursing instructor. It was a great learning and fulfilling experience, but it was a lot more work than I can handle again. I worked 6 1/2 days a week essentially.
  • Dancing. I took ballroom dance lessons in the summer after really wishing I knew how to dance the summer before at Dancing in the Park (at Centennial Park in Nashville). Now I know the basics of 5 dances and enjoyed it so much. It grew my self-confidence too.
  • My best friend had her 3rd baby girl, Cameron. She’s incredibly cute and just the sweetest little blessing.
  • TV shows: I really stuck with some shows this year. The Voice, Downton Abbey, Nashville. I’m also on Season 3 of Friday Night Lights. How to people watch so much TV (and do other things)?
  • Cooked more. Marginally. I started trying to plan a little better and make actual meals for myself, rather than just do pasta, salad, sandwiches, or cereal for dinner.
  • Best CAKE ever! I made Martha Stewart’s Salted-Caramel Six-Layer Chocolate Cake for my friend Ashley’s 30th birthday. It was unashamedly amazing but definitely a special-occasion dessert.
  • Read more…hoping to finish at least one more book tonight, so I might blog about the year of books in another post.
  • Stopped the crazy of December. Every year I have to tell myself that I need to do less and enjoy Christmas preparation more, but I still end up so BUSY. This year, the trip to NYC helped by being the weekend when all the things were going on in Nashville. I got a lot of gifts bought early on (Black Friday, I mean) and went to zero parties. I had zero parties at my house, decreased the decorating, and got a regular amount of sleep. I’m pleased at my progress.
  • Worked on a Habitat for Humanity house for the first time. Power tools, check.
  • Put one of my cats down, mentioned in the Hodgepodge post.

More happened that’s included below in my discussion about the resolutions I made for 2013 and my progress.

As a recap, my motto for 2013 was “Cleaner House, Messier Life.”

Cleaner House. I didn’t think about it as often as I should or work towards it consistently, but I did clean out several closets and cabinets. I even took pictures to blog about it, but alas that didn’t happen. I have major work to do during the rest of this week cleaning and organizing the rooms upstairs…it’s been quite disastrous. So I would stay I’m still working on this.

Messier Life. Since I didn’t have specifics in mind other than more surrender and listening to the Holy Spirit, it’s hard to say whether this is true. I was more conscientous about daily surrender to God, and I think that helped my heart be softer and more pliable for some changes. I had a really sweet conversation about surrender with my hairstylist…one of those things I think I’ll always remember. I had hoped to go on a mission trip to a new place, but I didn’t get things planned for that to happen. I think the extra job role did help me have a messier life.

I’m not judging myself about succeeding or failing at what I set out to do in specific areas, but it was good to have a few specific goals.

1. Get to my goal weight. This might be one of the things I’m most proud of and a little surprised at attaining. Because weight is such a sensitive subject, I don’t want to dwell on it, but it feels great to be where I have wanted to be. It really took a long time for the amount of weight I lost, but I reached my goal weight at Weight Watchers on my birthday and recently became a Lifetime Member (you get to go for free by maintaining your weight goal). I started seriously working on weight loss 5 years ago, and it’s taken 4 attempts, all with Weight Watchers to get there. This time was different because I just stayed with it, even when I gained weight or didn’t lose as fast as I thought I should. Here’s to maintaining!

2. Read the Bible in a year. This is the one I thought would be the easy to finish one, but I got behind often. I am about 2/3 of the way done.

3. Learn a new craft skill. Technically, I succeeded because a friend taught me to knit, but I haven’t really practiced or made anything, so I need to work on this more.

Did you have a moment in 2013 of which you are most proud?