Every Southern yard needs a white hydrangea in my opinion…I planted one and it didn’t make it. As much as I want to be, I am no gardener. I plant seeds and flowers and hope for miracles every year. I do much better indoors with cooking, cleaning, and “projects.” I like to think I’m an independent, smart, adaptable single woman who will someday have a wildly popular blog. ( I can laugh at myself). Tennessee has been home my whole life, and I’m okay with that. There is a special place in my heart (and home) for all my Southern Living issues, fabric, and chocolate. I am an excellent grocery shopper. Other interests include traveling, serving, healthcare as social justice, and lifelong learning. I tend to collect as much information as I do clutter, so this is my attempt to share. Getting past the idea phase to the doing phase is a big challenge for me, but I am working on it. Practicing Jane.

Practicing. I have found most of life to be practice for the next step…sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes it’s not. I can’t say I have a true talent for anything, so I keep practicing at a lot of things and keeping what works. I stay busy. Indeed it is practice to love people for who they are, to find that signature recipe, and to run more than a mile. And I am a Nurse Practitioner, doing just that, practicing, every day. One of my mottoes is actually “fake it til you make it.”

Jane. According to the dictionary, jane means a girl or woman. It is also my middle name, in honor of both my grandmothers: Jane Georgia and Annie Jane. Womanhood brings with it special joys, struggles, and bonds. And emotional roller coasters. Women have a distinct calling and purpose that is beautiful though difficult. I am seeking  to be the woman God designed me to be, with all of my flaws and gifts. The typical “every” woman on a personal journey.

So I am Practicing Jane. They say practice makes perfect, but I don’t think that will happen in this life. But I’ll keep believing in that sweet Someday.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. What an absolutely beautiful “About.”

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