My friends:

  • Fabric Paper Glue You would think my friend Mandy is a full-time designer but she works in health policy and crafts in big ways in her downtime.
  • number2137 My friend Jocelyn contributes hilarious stories on this (former) roommate blog about crafts, food, and other important life things.
  • Hook Yarn Sinker Molly was my potluck roommate in college who is a gifted cellist now living in rural Arkansas and writing about all her endeavors. I’ve always thought she was really cool.
  • O’dellberfest Former roommate now incredible mom who gave me my cat Fatty when she got married.
  • While You Were Away…  Some of my favorite people, Dale and Lisa with their 2 boys, who work on bringing the Kingdom to China.
  • yours truly, allison grace Allison and I met at our house church and she is funny, deep, and real. All in one cool woman/blog.
  • {Mis}Adventures of Joel and Lauren College friends who are really fun, adventurous, and green now living in Denver.
  • Kyla’s Joy Kyla and I met through People Loving Nashville (see below). She writes thought-provoking pieces on justice, introspection, and lessons in life.
  • Sunny Tuesday Jessica has great craft ideas and fellow Vols fan.
  • The Great Salt Lake Adventure Sheena is a college friend who is working on her doctorate in Arabic. She collects degrees, animals, tattoos, and other unmentionables.
  • Woolgathering and other idle moments…  Becca and I swam together on our neighborhood team growing up. She now blogs about her family and has great party/event ideas…she does that for a living.

Blog Love:

  • Young House Love A couple and their decorating adventures in their house. Great, easy ideas.
  • So Truly Lovely Anna inspires me with how smitten she is with her husband and posts many lovely things.
  • Today’s Letters Daily letters between a husband and wife with good ideas on living each day and really making life count. It’s endearing and fun.
  • The Pioneer Woman It’s all good! Photos, stories, recipes, and real life on a ranch. She sets the standard for blogging. (And I met her!
  • Design*Sponge Daily posts about design, events, cities, before and afters, music, and all around great things.
  • BooMama I love seeing new posts because I’m guaranteed a good chuckle. Clearly Southern and not afraid to write about nothing.


Nashville Photography

Justin Wright We’ve been friends since day 1 of college and he’s amazing.

Betsy Limbaugh Betsy is another friend, fun traveling buddy, and great photographer.

Aron Wright  Aron is a dear friend to me and talented to the max (also a musician).

Photo Editing

Yellow Sky Actions If I ever get a fancy camera, I’m going to edit pictures too. You can purchase actions on Photoshop used by photographers to make your photos look awesome.

Pieces of my heart:

People Loving Nashville Monday nights. Friends trying to love the needy in our city.

Hope Clinic for Women Amazing place serving people dealing with difficult decisions and unplanned pregnancies.

World Vision Making a difference for poor children and communities around the world through sponsorship. I support a little girl in Kenya named Amina.


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